A high-quality dog door installed directly in your glass door

Who knew this was even a thing? At Best-In-Glass Dog Doors, we get asked the same question every day. “You can install a dog door right in my sliding glass door?” 

The answer is YES! We can install a pet door right in your glass door. And, we’ve been doing it for more than 10 years. 

We’ve made countless pets and pet owners much happier by installing the best, high quality, secure, weatherproof in-glass dog doors available. 

(Don’t have a glass door but still want a great dog door? We also do in-wall dog doors as well as in-screen ones too!)

in-glass dog door

The Nitty Gritty

  • We can install dog doors in single, double, and triple pane glass.
  • All dog doors comes with an insulated locking security panel.
  • The door comes with magnetic weather flaps that return to their original position once your dog or cat enters or exits. 
  • The weather flaps keep the elements out and the air conditioning or heating inside the house where it belongs which saves on your energy bill.
  • The high grade aluminum frame is naturally rust resistant.
  • The frame comes in a variety of colors to complement your home. 
  • The pet door we install comes with a best-in-class warranty.
  • And yes, if you don’t have a glass door, we also install in-wall dog doors as well as in-screen dog doors too!
in-glass dog door
in-glass dog door

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We have been serving the Northern Colorado community for over 10 years.

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How Our Dog Door Installation Process Works

  • We come to your home. 
  • We meet your pet. (Mainly because we love pets, but also to get an idea of what size door your pet needs.)
  • We make sure your door is compatible for a cat or dog door.
  • We take measurements of your existing door. 
  • We order new glass to fit your door and the right dog door size. 
  • We return promptly with new upgraded Cardinal glass for your door along with your Security Boss pet door.
  • Our friendly, experienced installer installs your new dog door.
  • Fido frollicks at will!

What Our Customers Have to Say…

“Just got my doggie door installed in our patio door and we love it. I did not want to use that side panel thing as it would limit walking in and out while entertaining and I did not want to put in a wall solution for many reasons. Very professional job and I still have the old glass just in case I sell the house and the prospective buyers don’t have pets. Below zero the past few days and I do not feel cold air coming from the new doggie door – Awesome!”

Dave, Loveland, CO

“Great service. I called about putting a doggie door into an existing glass door. John showed up and measured the insert, showed me many options for the style and size for the dog insert. He even measured other windows that needed replacement. Once the glass was ready, the installation took just over an hour and Mike was nothing but professional. After all was said and done, can I got a quality product and was very pleased with the entire process.”

Nathan, Loveland, CO